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AnyTree Randomizer

0 likes • Apr 15, 2021
import anytree as at
import random as rm
# Generate a tree with node_count many nodes. Each has a number key that shows when it was made and a randomly selected color, red or white.
def random_tree(node_count):
# Generates the list of nodes
nodes = []
for i in range(node_count):
test = rm.randint(1,2)
if test == 1:
#Creates the various main branches
for i in range(node_count):
for j in range(i, len(nodes)):
test = rm.randint(1,len(nodes))
if test == 1 and nodes[j].parent == None and (not nodes[i] == nodes[j]):
nodes[j].parent = nodes[i]
#Collects all the main branches into a single tree with the first node being the root
for i in range(1, node_count):
if nodes[i].parent == None and (not nodes[i] == nodes[0]):
nodes[i].parent = nodes[0]
return nodes[0]


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