diskRipper.sh | Bash

April 21st, 2021 12:57:31 AM

#diskRipper.sh by Leif Messinger #For use on debian, where your cds aren't immediately mounted wall "CD inserted boss" set -x #echo on cdDrivePath=$(ls -l /dev/cdrom | awk '{print $NF}') #CD could have no label, so that's why I need awk cdLabel=$(lsblk -n "/dev/$cdDrivePath" -o label) if [[ ! -z "$cdLabel" ]]; then #CD has label folderName=$cdLabel echo "The cd label is ${folderName}" if mkdir ./cds/"${folderName}"; then #Folder didn't exist before sudo mount /dev/cdrom ./.cdmountpoint sudo cp -r ./.cdmountpoint/* "./cds/${folderName}" sudo chmod -R 777 "./cds/${folderName}" sudo umount ./.cdmountpoint eject wall "CD done and ejecting" else wall "Already read that cd, skipped" fi else wall "CD had no label, skipped" fi

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