Mad libs generator | Python

April 26th, 2021 04:20:50 PM

#Loop back to this point once code finishes loop = 1 while (loop < 10): #All the questions that the program asks the user noun = input("Choose a noun: ") p_noun = input("Choose a plural noun: ") noun2 = input("Choose a noun: ") place = input("Name a place: ") adjective = input("Choose an adjective (Describing word): ") noun3 = input("Choose a noun: ") #Displays the story based on the users input print ("------------------------------------------") print ("Be kind to your",noun,"- footed", p_noun) print ("For a duck may be somebody's", noun2,",") print ("Be kind to your",p_noun,"in",place) print ("Where the weather is always",adjective,".") print () print ("You may think that is this the",noun3,",") print ("Well it is.") print ("------------------------------------------") #Loop back to "loop = 1" loop = loop + 1

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